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Academic Administration [20] Academic Executive Management [15] Academic Management / Support [9] Agriculture [1] Biology [5] Business and Management [19] Chemistry [3] Computer Science [4] Economics [1] Education [13] Engineering [16] Entertainment and Arts [7] Environmental Studies and Forestry [2] GeoScience [3] Journalism, Media Studies and Communication [3] Law [2] Library and Museum Studies [8] Literature [1] Mathematics [4] Medicine and Health [26] Psychology [7] Social Science [6] Veterinary Specialties [6]
Administration [6] Conference Directory [25] Deans & Department Heads [2] Director [1] Executive Adult Education Positions [6] Finance [4] IT & Computing [1] Library Services [4] Managers [7] Managers / Executive Managers [1] Marketing [1] Other Academic [2] Other General Appointments [17] Professors, Readers, Chairs [2] Research Officer / Assistant [4]
Eastern, Fiji [1] Johor, Malaysia [11] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [34] Selangor, Malaysia [5]

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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

VACANCY APPLICATION ONLINE AT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY MALAYSIARESEARCH ASSISTANTFull-time Master Position (Engineering, Material and Applied Science)Student Working Scheme – Part TimeResearch Assistance (RA)View All Jobs

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